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Marugo LIMITED EDITION Air Jog V GOLD SILVER BRONZE: A Triumph in Tradition and Innovation

Air Jog V footwear limited edition marugo online store shoes

Marugo LIMITED EDITION Air Jog V GOLD SILVER BRONZE: A Triumph in Tradition and Innovation


In the world of footwear, the name "Marugo" is synonymous with quality, tradition, and innovation. For decades, this Japanese brand has been crafting exceptional tabi and jika-tabi shoes, loved by martial artists and workers worldwide. The release of the LIMITED EDITION Air Jog V GOLD SILVER BRONZE in 2021 marked a significant milestone in the brand's history. Today, we will explore the fascinating world of Marugo, dive into the unique characteristics of the Air Jog V, and celebrate the Limited Edition that has captured the hearts of footwear enthusiasts.

Marugo - A Legacy of Craftsmanship

The story of Marugo begins in Japan, where a tradition of shoemaking meets modern innovation: Marugo's journey is intertwined with Japan's history and evolution.

Marugo specializes in tabi and jika-tabi shoes, known for their distinct split-toe design and the brand is renowned for using high-quality materials and time-tested construction techniques.

Why the Air Jog V?

The Air Jog V’s unique design, comfort, and limited-edition status make it a compelling choice for footwear enthusiasts and this model is a remarkable innovation by Marugo, marrying traditional tabi design with modern comfort and functionality.

Samurai Market knows the Air Jog V isn't just about looks: comfort meets tradition in your feet. Samurai Market knows the Air Jog V is not limited to a specific activity: it offers superior comfort and performance for various activities, including sports and everyday wear. Hence the long and close collaboration between Samurai Market and Marugo over the years. For more information about our Air Jog V, click here and here.

Marugo's Air Jog V stands as a testament to the brand's enduring legacy and its ability to captivate hearts and soles around the world.

The Significance of Limited Editions

Limited edition releases always in the world of fashion and footwear hold a special allure.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze: The LIMITED EDITION Air Jog V in these metallic hues has caught the attention of many.

The Tokyo Olympics have marked a milestone in the history of Japan and Samurai Market knows a lot about marking milestones in the history of Japan, so it supports Japanese athletes and sports brands to achieve together the spirit of collaboration and solidarity that emanates from the Olympic torch.

Gold, Silver and Bronze are the colors chosen for this special limited edition with a clear intention to reflect what all athletes participating in the Olympic Games aspire to and is now within everyone's reach.

If you want to join the Olympic challenge through Marugo LIMITED EDITION Air Jog V GOLD SILVER BRONZE, just click here, choose your size and color and Samurai Market will bring it to your door with all the details.


The LIMITED EDITION Air Jog V GOLD SILVER BRONZE by Marugo represents the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. It encapsulates the brand's rich history, commitment to quality, and its ability to adapt to the modern world. Whether you're a martial artist seeking performance and comfort, a collector looking for a rare gem, or a fashion enthusiast embracing unique styles, this limited-edition release has something to offer. There aren't many pairs of this limited-edition shoe left, so it's a unique moment to make history by dressing your feet in something that is much more than just a pair of shoes.

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