Solar Figure : Kabuki Actor

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Adding animation to your everyday life! At your desk, your car, even at home, any place where the sun will shine there is a way to bring some life to your work space. Using the power from the light, these small Japanese themed figures will animate, bringing some entertainment to a still place. Each of our solar figures hold some part of the Japanese culture, and when they move, they’ll bring some of that culture to you! Made with a strong plastic alloy, these guys will work even after they have a small accident! Make sure you keep them in a brightly lit place to make sure they’ll stay moving for as long as they can!

The kabuki actors date back from the Edo period, when it was originally done with women, but there was a ban on woman actors, making it an only male practice that's known today. The actors are known for their elaborate make-up that's worn on stage, and their flashy clothing. Plays are usually centered on historical events and different stories.