Silk Hand Fan: Katakura Kagetsugu

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Hand fans have been used in Japan for centuries, whether they were used to keep a mysterious look. Each of the designs on the fans are from traditional style Japanese art. These fans can be used to cool yourself off or you can use them as a sensible piece of decoration! All the materials used to create this hand fan are of the highest quality, ensuring that no matter what you use this fan for, it'll last a long time, and the design will stay looking fresh and new!

About the Samurai:

Katakura Kagetsugu was a samurai of the Katakura clan and was later known as one of the Three Great Men of the Date Clan. he is well known for his roll under Date Masamune's Father as a junior page. He gained the trust of the Date clan when Date Masamune was in battle, he was suddenly surrounded, and had no where to turn to, Kagetsugu began to call out the he was Masamune, allowing enough distraction to let Masamune flee.