Sane-Tatsu Knives: Deba Bocho

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Sane-Tatsu knives are made using old world techniques with a master sword maker responsible for creating each knife blade. The end of World War II saw the transformation of Japan into a peaceful nation. After the war, most sword workshops turned their attention to kitchen knives. The skilled workshops that have been preserved for hundreds of years, are still in use when forging top quality Sane-Tatsu knives. Beautiful pieces for both professional chefs and cooks at home. All Sane-Tatsu knives are created in the famous Sakai City, one of Japan's centers of blade forging. What is Yasugi Steel? Yasugi steel comes from the Japanese border region of Kyukumohaku and made used specific techniques, including heat resistant materials.

Deba Bocho knives are an essential knife when it comes to a traditional Japanese kitchen. Deba Bocho knives are used to mainly fillet and behead fish, but is also used for cutting other meats as well. Our knife comes in different sizes, allowing you to have the comfortable sized blade to fit you and the type of cutting you need to do!