Ninja (Tabi) Shoes (Adult)

Ninja (Tabi) Shoes (Adult)

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∴ The most obvious feature of traditional Japanese footwear is the split-toe design, and those are the products we focus on at Japan Store. For customers outside Japan, we offer one of the world's biggest selections of tabi, jikatabi, and tabi & toe socks as well as geta, zori and setta sandals.

  • 23.0cm/24.0cm/24.5cm/25.0cm/25.5cm
  • 26.0cm/26.5cm/27.0cm/28.0cm/29.0cm/30.0cm
  • Material: Rubber, cotton

∴ The product does not have much elasticity so you may feel small. Please select one size larger than your actual size. 


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