Maiko-san Mysterious Lip Color

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The maiko, not to be confused with the geisha, is an apprentice geiko. Their jobs are to perform for guests during feasts, which include dancing, playing traditional instruments and performing songs. Maiko originated from Kyoto, meaning that when the maiko is in training, she needs to learn the way of speech from Kyoto. The hairstyles that the maiko carry, depending on the ranking and the amount of experience the maiko has. 

This lip color is made with honey and royal jelly to give a soft and velvety smooth feeling when applying the color! The cream is available in two different colors to give off the mysterious feeling that the maiko and geisha had. A lighter pink to show the image of a more innocent and pure look that the maiko had when training began. Then, we offer a dark red, to show the mature side of when a maiko becomes a geisha. 

The color can be applied to the lips and the cheek!