Katana: Sanada Yukimura (Red version)
Katana: Sanada Yukimura (Red version)

Katana: Sanada Yukimura (Red version)

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The katana is a weapon that dates back to ancient Japan, and was used by Japanese samurai during the feudal eras. Katanas are made by hand, and takes many many layers, allowing the blade to be light, yet strong, and dangerously sharp. Due to the samurai’s loss of power, the katana became less of a practical weapon, and was used more as decoration, and often a symbol. Our katanas are handcrafted in Seki, Japan, the capital of swordsmiths in Japan. Though our blades are NOT razor edge, they still hold an immense amount of the Japanese spirit, and will make a very regal piece of decoration.

About the Samurai: 

Sanada Yukimura is one of Japan's most famous samurai. He had many different nicknames, such as "Crimson Demon of War" and "The Last Sengoku Hero". Sanad is well known for his fierceness in the Siege of Osaka Castle, both in the winter and the summer. Despite the fact that Sanada had less men than that of his foe, he managed to put a large dent in the opposing army. He passed in a very honorable way, by commiting seppuku after killing the Echizen men who had tried to come after him when he was seriously injured. 

Weight 1200g (without Saya: 950g)
Overall length 105cm
Blade length 73cm
Blade material Zinc alloy

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