A-Type: Date Masamune

A-Type: Date Masamune

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In ancient Japan, the samurai warriors were a living symbol of honor. Each samurai had their own specially made armor, and symbol to fly high on their flags while going into battle, as well as a katana to fight by their side. The Sengoku Samurai each have their own unique looking armor, that is tied to their name- no matter how many centuries have passed. These figures capture the beauty of the yoroi armor, as well as the flags and katana that these samurai fought along side with. Even on a much smaller scale these figures emulate the details and time that has gone into the making of the yoroi armor.

About the Samurai: 

Date Masamune is well known for having one eye, and even has the nickname "One-Eyed Dragon". When he was a child, smallpox took the sight in his right eye, though how he lost the actual eye itself, is left to different theories. Date Masamune ended up serving under Toyotomi Hideyoshi, which he was really left no choice to do. Date also expanded trade in the Touhoku region and even encouraged foreigners to come to his lands. He sent Hasekura Tsunenaga to go on a voyage to create relations with the Pope in Spain, making the voyage one of the first successful Japanese voyages to cross the world. 

Length: 17.5cm (6.89")
Width: 9cm (3.54")
Height: 21cm (8.27")
Material: Metal, Plastic


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