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Mitsuya Oku: a Samurai with overseas' heart

CEO Oku is an always busy businessman, yet he greets us with a warm smile and kindness. Initially, his apparent youth in such a high position of responsibility in a Japanese company might surprise us, but maturity in his decisions and global vision quickly becomes evident after conversing with him.

CEO Oku gives us a few minutes out of his busy schedule

Q. Who is CEO Oku?

A. Hello to everyone who's reading our newsletter for the first time. I'm CEO Mitsuya Oku.

Through Samurai Market, I would like to bring you the best products from Japan.

Thank you for your support, and I hope we can continue this journey together.


Q. What does the Samurai Market mean to CEO Oku?

A. Samurai Market will not only deliver Japanese products to foreign countries from a platform, but also aspire to serve as a window for people interested in Japan, allowing them to experience Japanese values and culture through our merchandise.

For example, take a samurai figure—beyond its aesthetic appeal, we want to delve into the specific samurai it represents, their life journey, and the enduring influence they hold to the present day.

It's not just about the visual appeal of the product; we want to effectively convey the background and story behind each item to all of you.

I would be happy if people become more interested in the products and fall in love with Japan.

Of course, the quality of our products is assured by a Japanese company, so you can be sure that you are receiving quality products. That's my promise.


Q. The name Samurai Market is displayed at the entrance along with other businesses and employees, many of them quite young...

A. Yes, Samurai Market is set up as a window for overseas business within the corporate group.

We are actively hiring not only young employees, but also women and foreign employees.

Embracing their diverse perspectives and values, we aim to become a company that can play an active role in the global society.

CEO Oku collaborates closely with the young promises of the graphic design sector

Q. I certainly sense a special atmosphere among the employees in this office. What is the contribution that CEO Oku would like to leave to society?

A. I think the special and unique atmosphere is because all the employees understand the company's vision of providing customers with the best, most exciting experience they have ever seen anywhere else, and we earnestly strive and work hard to achieve and leave a mark through our efforts.

Regarding the contributions I aspire to leave to society, the list is endless. I aim to contribute to areas such as food aid, welfare, and education.

Moreover, considering the relentless occurrences of disasters due to climate change, I also like to provide disaster relief and support.


Q. What changes has he observed in the market since entering the business world?

A. I started this business about 18 years ago, so at that time online shopping was still a relatively uncommon practice. Over these past 18 years, as you all know, e-commerce has become an essential tool in daily life. The competition among businesses has intensified, and social media has significantly evolved as a means of acquiring information.

Now that anyone can easily transmit information and buy and sell products, I feel that the act of shopping has become quite inorganic and mechanical. Instead of further evolving tools for convenience, I believe what's crucial for our next stage of growth is to go back to the roots of commerce—engaging in dialogue with customers.

Dialogue here does not mean just having a conversation. As I mentioned earlier, it is not only about how good a product looks, but also about conveying the background and story behind the products to everyone.

I believe that by valuing this aspect, we can enhance the shopping experience and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Q. What does CEO Oku expect from this new year that’s beginning?

A. Now that the impact of COVID-19 has been minimized, I believe face-to-face communication and travel will increase.

Within that context, I hope Samurai Market can serve as a starting point to talk about Japan or even inspire travel to Japan.


Q. Finally, could you share a few words for the readers of our first Newsletter?

A. Thank you all for reading until the end. I truly appreciate it.

I will continue to strive to make Samurai Market the best store for our customers.

My hope is to contribute a part in sparking your interest in Japan and helping you grow to love it even more.

I sincerely thank you for your ongoing support of Samurai Market.