Samurai Katana Tsuba Replica - 1

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The tsuba is one of the most recognizable parts of a katana. It has many functions, such as helping with the balance of the katana, as well has preventing the user from cutting their hand on the blade when thrusting the katana. During the warring eras, the tsubas were mainly used for function. Made with high quality metals, and with minimal designs. Later on, during the Edo era, Japan was at a point of piece, so the tsuba became more of an ornamental part of the katana. It was also made out of less practical metals such as golds, with more intricate designs. Tsubas are also a popular heirloom among those who have samurai ancestry.

These tsubas are made to replicate the same tsubas that were designed for many famous samurai throughout history. They are made with zinc alloy, and vary in size, depending on the design. These tsubas are able to be attached to katanas, but are for decoration purposes only.