Shinobiya Original T-Shirt: Takeda Shingen

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Made with 100% cotton, these soft t-shirts will keep you comfortable for any event. The designs of these t-shirts are completely original, and printed on the shirt with high quality inks, to make sure the design won’t fade away over time! Support your favorite samurai by wearing a t-shirt to commemorate the legacy they left behind.

About the Samurai: 

Born as the eldest son in the Kai Province, now known as the Yamanashi Prefecture, at a young age he overcame his Father, who was the leader of the Takeda clan, and became the leader instead of his younger brother who was planned to become to the heir to the Takeda clan rather than Shingen. Soon after taking control of the Takeda clan, he knew that he wanted to control the area around him, Shinano Province (modern-day Nagano Prefecture). After many successful attempts, and wars, during his last battle in the Battle of Mikatagahara, he was injured, which many believe was what led to his death in 1572.