Iaito: Maeda Keiji (Raiun)

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An Iaito is a Japanese modern blade that is not sharpened, used to practice Iaido. Our Iaito is made with high quality zinc alloy, which is must stronger than aluminum alloy, which most common Iaito are made from. Despite the katana being in Japanese history for many years, the Iaito is fairly recent, being constructed after World War II to permit normal citizens who are not allowed to permit real swords, a way to practice their own budo. These Iaito are made in Seki, Japan, the capital of swordsmiths in Japan. To protect the student, and those using Iaito’s they are kept unsharpened.

About the Samurai: 

Also well known as Maeda Keiji, he was adopted into the Maeda family at a young age, and began to serve Oda Nobunaga, alongside with his uncle, Maeda Toshiie. He later befriended Uesugi Kanetsugu, and helped fight with the Uesugi army, helping them with many battles. Even after he went to the capital to devote his life to arts and literature, when the Uesugi army was in a pinch, he would fight along with them. 

 Weight 1045 g (without saya 800g)
Overall Length 106 cm
Blade Length 74 cm
Blade Material Zinc Alloy