Solar Figure: Sumo

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Adding animation to your everyday life! At your desk, your car, even at home, any place where the sun will shine there is a way to bring some life to your work space. Using the power from the light, these small Japanese themed figures will animate, bringing some entertainment to a still place. Each of our solar figures hold some part of the Japanese culture, and when they move, they’ll bring some of that culture to you! Made with a strong plastic alloy, these guys will work even after they have a small accident! Make sure you keep them in a brightly lit place to make sure they’ll stay moving for as long as they can! 

Sumo wrestling is a world-known sport, but is only practiced professionally in Japan. The history of the sumo culture is just as rich as Japanese history. Originally rooted as a shinto ritual, the way, rules and concepts of sumo has changed over the years, making it into the sport that you see so popularized now.