Samurai Sword Scissor・Nobunaga Oda
Samurai Sword Scissor・Nobunaga Oda

Samurai Sword Scissor・Nobunaga Oda

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Fashionable scissor design is perfect as a present or souvenir to friends and family with durable, supple and well-cut distinctions known as the traditionally artistic gem of Seki.

  • Materials: Blade: stainless steel cutlery; Handle and base: ABS.
  • Weight: 70g
  • Size: Overall length: 180mm; blade length: upper blade 87mm, lower blade 82mm

∴ About the Samurai: 

One of the most popular samurai of the Sengoku Period, and is well known in his attempt to unify Japan during that time. This samurai is well known for being brutal with anyone who stood in his way, making sure to keep his goal in reach. Oda Nobunaga went through many battles to rise to power when he was still something small, and not much of a name. His retainer, Akechi Mitsuhide's rebellion was the reason behind his much too soon demise. 

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