Saito no Musashibo Benkei Doll

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Saito no Musashibo Benkei, more known by just Benkei was a Japanese monk warrior who served Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Benkei posted himself in Kyoto, where he disarmed and defeated every passing samurai, eventually collecting 999 swords. Though, as a turn of events, on his 1000th fight, he was defeated by Minamoto no Yoshitsune, which brought him to become loyal to Yoshitsune, and became his retainer. Due to becoming his retainer, he fought alongside Yoshitsune, and even became an outlaw with him. 

This doll is handcrafted in Japan, where the legend of Benkei is still alive. The clothing is made with quality materials, and detailed with the same designs that Benkei is recorded to have during his time. Benkei was said to resemble an oni, and was a very ferocious fighter, and the hand painted features on his face express his warrior spirit.