Ninja Rubber Shuriken, and Ninja Accessories Set

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To help complete your ninja costume, or to complete your look to have you look and feel like a complete ninja, this set has the basic necessities you need to become a full fledged ninja. Our shuriken are made with high quality heavy duty rubber, to make sure that the feeling and weight of the shuriken is similar to the real weapon, without having any deadly precautions. With a headband and gauntlets to complete the ninja look!


  • ?E¿Mix Shuriken (1 Shiho, 1 Sanpo, 1 Roppo, 1 Manji)
  • 1 Kunai (Throwing Dagger)
  • 10 Makibishi
  • Headband (Ninja kanji logo)
  • 1 Pair of Ninja Gauntlets (hand covers)

All 'Weapons' are made of RUBBER and are NOT sharp!! Please use with care!