Kendo Keikogi (Dogi) 100% Cotton White (Uwagi): HTA series

Kendo Keikogi (Dogi) 100% Cotton White (Uwagi): HTA series

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The keikogi is a uniform for training in Japanese martial arts. The original design for the keikogi was a much heavier weave, but due to the differences in climate in the different parts of the country, a lighter weave was designed, making it much more easier and more comfortable to practice martial arts. Usually made with cotton, the keikogi has strings on the inside of the clothing, allowing the clothes to be worn close to the body, and is usually kept close with a belt or obi tied around the waist! 

The top part of the keikogi is called the uwagi, which is what we offer here! Made with 100% percent cotton, the material is easy to breath in, allowing one to practice martial arts for a longer period of time without having sweat to weigh the uniform down! 

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