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The geisha have a very deep and rich history. The word geisha roughly translated means; artist; or performing artist. The geisha was originally started by men, who would entertain the male guests while waiting for the female services they would receive. Though as time passed females began to entertain, by singing, playing instruments, and dancing. Performing through arts. To entertain with such fine arts requires a lot of training, so these geisha would begin training at very young ages, sometimes even from the age 3 to 5. Throughout history, the view and adoration of the geisha has indeed dwindled, but it is still a large part of the Japanese culture.

These dolls are handmade in Japan, the home of the geisha culture. Each kimono is designed for the talented lady, detailed with pieces that represent femininity as well as the Japanese culture. The makeup on the doll is hand painted, giving the doll animated, yet soft look. Each doll has a different designed kimono, as well as a different item that they hold is unique to the different types of entertainment that the geisha do when performing.