Handcrafted Japanese Bamboo Practice Kendo Shinai: Katsumori 37

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The shinai was created around the 1500's, in attempt to figure out a way for those to practice their swordsmanship sparing themselves any injuries they might get from using the traditional bokken (a heavy hard wood sword). The shinai is made up of four slabs on strong, but flexible bamboo, allowing a softer blow to the person it may hit, but also preventing it from breaking during practice. All of the shinai that are sold by us are handcrafted in Japan. Due to the fact that these shinai are handcrafted, it does take some time to make these items, so we kindly ask in advance that you wait so these shinai can be crafted just for you! Each of the shinai are able to have personalized writing near the tsuba and the tsuka (hilt) of of the shinai. If you would like this option, please send us a separate email regarding that, along with your order information!