Samurai Chopsticks: Toyotomi Hideyoshi

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Chopsticks are one of the most used way of eating here in Japan! But they are now used worldwide! These cute chopsticks are based off of the katana that Toyotomi Hideyoshi used during his warring era. These chopsticks have a katana handle base and they also come with a kakedai (Japanese katana display stand) so you can display these finely made chopsticks for people to see them when you aren't using them to eat your meals!! But of course you don't have to use them if you're simply going to use them as decoration as a collector, which is also a great way to keep these chopsticks in top shape. We suggest that you hand wash these chopsticks after use as using a washing machine might damage these great chopsticks.

About the Samurai:

One of the most well-known names when it comes to the Sengoku Period. He was a daimyou, warrior, samurai, general and politician. There isn't much information about his early life, other than that he was born to a poor foot soldier. As he grew older he joined different clans, the most important being his joining of the Oda clan, which he served Oda Nobunaga as a sandal bearer, and slowly, with his wit and other skills, climbed the ladder up to more success.